Abraham Raymond Eli
1 min readOct 4, 2021

In Romans 7, Paul states that sin's strength is in the Law. When the Law points to something that you were not aware was a sin, but now you are aware, the guilt begins to eat you up, because the Law cannot do more than tell you that you have sinned. So sin capitalizes on that weakness in the Law and brings you into helpless despondency. However, when we follow the Holy Spirit, He not only tells us that we have sinned but He also provides the remedy and helps deal with the guilt if any.

It is like driving at a speed higher than the stipulated limit. The speed limit sign (the Law) can only show you the speed limit which you have broken. However, the Holy Spirit not only tells you that you are driving above the speed limit, He also helps you to slow down and keep calm even though you may be running late.

I hope it helps.


Abraham Raymond Eli

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